Send A Crypto Invoice

Gilded is the easiest way to send invoices and get paid in cryptocurrency.

No coding


Accept BTC and ETH

Free to use

Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution

Digital currency is the currency of the future.
Lower fees, a cooperative global workforce, and less reliance on central banking will soon unlock a new age of abundance for humankind.

Why should my business accept cryptocurrency?

How does it work?

With Gilded you can send an invoice in traditional (fiat) currency and accept payment in one or more cryptocurrencies. Gilded currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

1. View Invoice

When your client views an invoice the price will be denominated in fiat currency (USD, EUR, etc). The Pay With Crypto button allows the invoice to be paid in crypto.

2. Select Payment Method

Your client chooses one of your supported crypto payment methods. The price is automatically calculated based on the current exchange rate via the CryptoCompare API.

3. Pay

After paying, your client can click Mark as Paid to let you know the payment is complete. Funds are sent straight to your wallet and never pass through Gilded's servers.

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