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AICPA Digital Asset Accounting

Grow your practice with digital assets

In the United States alone, 36.5 million people own some form of digital currency or cryptocurrency—that's 36.6 million potential clients. The digital currency market continues to see exponential growth and momentum and with that, the need to account for it.

Start accepting digital currency clients or streamline your existing process. Gilded's comprehensive accounting, invoicing, and payments software has everything you need to set your clients up for success.

"As a CPA and someone who is heavily involved in the blockchain and cryptoasset spaces, I am constantly working with organizations, CPAs, and research institutes all trying to grapple with pain points in this space. Gilded, led and supported by a team with practical experience, solves one of the thorniest problems; how to process payments in cryptocurrencies. This is a solution that business owners need, CPAs are looking for, and that will accelerate adoption - great product and intuitive to use." -Five Star Review, QuickBooks App Store

Who is this for?

Gilded's Accounting Partner Program is for CPA firms, accountants, outsourced CFOs, and bookkeepers who wish to future-ready their business by offering digital asset services.

What's included in the program?

You'll get a free Gilded Premium account for testing, so you can feel confident recommending Gilded to your valued clients. We also offer personalized training, educational content, tasks and assignments, plus live interviews featuring accounting professionals and thought leaders in the domain.

I know nothing about digital currency. Can I still join?

Yes! All you need is a desire to learn. Gilded is user-friendly and easy to master. Whether you're an early adopter or brand new to the cryptoasset space, we're here to help.

How do I get started?

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Free Webinar: Blockchain for Accountants

What accountants need to know about digital assets, how to start accepting crypto clients, and more.

Join our CFO Joey Ryan, CPA, for a firsthand look at the exciting world of triple-entry accounting.
Q&A to follow.

Newbies and pros welcome!

August 18th at 2:00 PM EDT

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