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Gilded joins Bitwave to power the crypto industry's leading accounting and payments solution.

Supercharge your crypto workflow with Gilded

Gilded is enterprise-grade crypto accounting

Create an efficient and repeatable crypto payment workflow

Works with  QuickBooks Online, NetSuite and Xero
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Create an efficient and repeatable process  for your client’s financial and tax reporting

Works with  QuickBooks Online, NetSuite and Xero
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Pay your team in crypto

Create 1099s and tax reports
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Grow your NFT brand with confidence.

Full visibility into marketplace sales and collector engagement to grow revenue.
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#1 rated Crypto Accounting Software

Easiest way to reconcile your wallets/safes

We've been using Gilded for our company for over 6 months now and it makes life so much easier. Around 85% of the work is automated, you just need to have a quick check and maybe change a GL account and that's it. You save the journal entry and you're done with it. No more spreadsheets or downloading CSV files from Etherscan!

Lifesaver for crypto accounting

I do accounting for a dev agency that sometimes transacts in crypto. Gilded has been a lifesaver in simplifying the bookkeeping process for me. Connecting wallets is a breeze and the QuickBooks integration makes it easy to automate journal entries.Also, Gilded gives you a readable log of all wallet related transaction that makes staying on top of crypto income, expenses, transfers, & trades easy. Highly recommend!

Exactly what business needs

As a CPA and someone who is heavily involved in the blockchain and cryptoasset spaces I am constantly working with organizations, CPAs, and research institutes all trying to grapple with pain points in this space. Gilded, led and supported by a team with practical experience, solves one of the thorniest problems; how to process payments in cryptocurrencies. This is a solution that business owners need, CPAs are looking for, and that will accelerate adoption - great product and intuitive to use.

Essential for crypto-commerce

Gilded is one of the early realistic facilitators of crypto utility in the market.  Gilded eliminates industry perceptions among SMBs and commercial enterprises's regarding crypto-currency and payments accounting complexity.  Thanks to Gilded, basic commercial transactions and payments in crypto can already be simply and practically integrated into standard accounting systems.  The Gilded team is committed to empowering SMBs and commercial enterprises in providing their customers with a payment and accounting option beyond traditional payment rails; thus furthering facilitating overall commerce.

Gilded Glitters

Gilded has made reconciling my clients' crypto transactions a breeze. The team was easy to connect with and answered all of my questions right away.

Quick, helpful and personalized tech support!

As a CPA concerned about future inflation in light of year-long engagement letters, I now bill all my clients in bitcoin/hour. QuickBooks does not allow for more than two digits after the decimal place, which is critical when billing in bitcoin at an hourly rate.  I chose Gilded because they started with a crypto mindset....Usually it takes hours to explain a limiting aspect of software to tech support.  Gilded is different.  If they don't understand, they offer a Zoom call.  We were quickly able to chat through user issues, user options and why an enhancement felt particularly important.  One of the most intelligent and efficient tech support conversations I've ever had, and consistently as well.

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Seamlessly integrate crypto transactions into your current accounting platform.

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