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Gilded makes it easy to collect, enrich, and sync digital asset transactions to QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, and Xero.

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Spend less time downloading and merging CSVs.

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Automatically calculate exchange rates for each transaction.

Accounting Reports

Include digital asset transactions in your P&L statements and other accounting reports

What our customers are saying

Before Gilded, we were slogging through a sea of spreadsheets and block explorer links. Now, we can easily consolidate crypto transactions in a one-stop-shop database to streamline accounting.

Mark Wald
Mark Wald

“A crypto-native bookkeeping solution that's fully integrated”

Before Gilded, we had no good way to invoice clients in a crypto native way. We tried many different invoicing softwares but none were a great fit. With Gilded, we not only have an easy way to invoice clients into the correct wallets in the correct currencies, but we also have a crypto-native bookkeeping solution that's fully integrated with inflows and outflows. Gilded has become dOrg's bookkeeping hub, where we can easily track the flow of funds between our treasury and all of our different project wallets.

Ori Shimony
Ori Shimony
Core at dOrg

“A well-oiled machine”

Gilded provides a centralized dashboard for all relevant blockchain data, which is critical to helping our clients make actionable business decisions. We used to spend hours manually tracking blockchain transactions one-by-one. With Gilded, we were able to make crypto accounting an efficient and repeatable process. Now our blockchain back office solution functions like a well-oiled machine.

John Masotti
John Masotti
CM, CPA Managing Partner at Masotti & Masotti

Gitcoin is using Gilded to account for their crypto.

Compass is a game-changer. Here at Gitcoin, we have a variety of cryptocurrency transactions. Having the ability to map each transaction to the correct GL Accounts in QuickBooks is a huge time saver. No more reclasses and journal entries!

Samantha Ulrich
Samantha Ulrich
Accounting Manager at Gitcoin
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Sync Wallets and Exchanges

View all transaction activity in one place, including automatic spot price calculation.

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Reconcile Transactions

Classify, tag, attach notes and files.

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Sync to QuickBooks, Netsuite, and Xero

Map crypto transactions to your Chart of Accounts and sync to your accounting system

Here's how Gilded's crypto accounting works

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate Compass?

Compass is an add-on feature to our financial reporting package and is available with our Enterprise level subscription. Reach out to your account executive today!

What exchanges does Gilded integrate with?

Gilded integrates with transactions on Coinbase. For all other centralized exchanges (such as Kraken and Gemini) and decentralized exchanges (such as Uniswap or SushiSwap), transactions can easily be imported into Gilded using a formatted CSV file.

NOTE: Gilded does not support internal transactions, swaps, staking rewards, LP tokens for DEXs.

I would like to account for each wallet separately, like a bank account. How do I do this?

This requires Compass. First, you will enable “wallet mapping”. Then, navigate to the accounts page and select the specific wallet you want to map. Click “edit” to enter in the specific general ledger account.

How do I classify my blockchain transactions?

Once a wallet has been connected to Gilded, all activity can be viewed on the activity page and classified using the menu options in the sidebar. Additionally, rules can be set up for future coding and classifying.

How can I report on transactions that take place on a non-supported exchange or blockchain?

Gilded offers you the ability to import your transactions using our universal import tool. Once you’ve successfully uploaded it, all of your transactions will be in one place.

What accounting platforms does Gilded integrate with?

Gilded seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to meet all your crypto accounting needs. For Xero users, Gilded also supports a formatted CSV upload that allows for the easy transfer of transactions.

What blockchains does Gilded support?

Currently, Gilded supports the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Ronin. We also have a universal blockchain import tool. More coming soon.

What is Compass?

Compass is our advanced mapping tool for syncing your transactions to your general ledger. Gilded allows you to map wallets and/or contacts to specific general ledger accounts for ease of recording your recurring transactions.

Where do my digital assets live on my balance sheet?

A digital asset account should be classified as “other current asset”.  Accounts can be named by wallet or token type. 

How does Gilded know the value of my transactions?

Gilded uses CryptoCompare to value the assets at the time of purchase in your base currency. This value is ultimately used when creating a journal entry as well as calculating gains and losses on your disposals.

Can Gilded track my realized gains and losses for tax purposes?

Yes.  Gilded maintains a comprehensive record of each purchase by lot and uses the FIFO method to calculate the gain/loss upon disbursement.