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Customize how crypto transactions are synced to your QuickBooks general ledger.

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Customize QuickBooks mappings

Define rules for how crypto transactions are mapped to different accounts based on the counterparty and/or wallet.

Designed for businesses at scale

Simplifying transaction classifications makes it easier to balance your wallets and revalue your assets at the end of each reporting period

Reconcilation, automated

As new rules are created, Compass makes your reconciliation process increasingly automated

Before Gilded, we were slogging through a sea of spreadsheets and block explorer links. Now, we can easily consolidate crypto transactions in a one-stop-shop database to streamline accounting.

Mark Wald
Mark Wald

“A well-oiled machine”

Gilded provides a centralized dashboard for all relevant blockchain data, which is critical to helping our clients make actionable business decisions. We used to spend hours manually tracking blockchain transactions one-by-one. With Gilded, we were able to make crypto accounting an efficient and repeatable process. Now our blockchain back office solution functions like a well-oiled machine.

John Masotti
John Masotti
CM, CPA Managing Partner at Masotti & Masotti

Gitcoin is using Gilded to account for their crypto.

Compass is a game-changer. Here at Gitcoin, we have a variety of cryptocurrency transactions. Having the ability to map each transaction to the correct GL Accounts in QuickBooks is a huge time saver. No more reclasses and journal entries!

Samantha Ulrich
Samantha Ulrich
Accounting Manager at Gitcoin
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Proudly non-custodial

Crypto transactions should function like crypto transactions. We never touch your funds.

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Crypto first, fiat friendly

Give your customers a choice. Gilded invoices support legacy payment options like credit cards and wire transfers.

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CPA-designed accounting

Accounting begins with the payment. Sync your crypto payments to QuickBooks Online.

See how Compass works

Creating custom QuickBooks mappings is easy with Compass

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate Compass?

Compass is an add-on feature to our financial reporting package and is available with our Enterprise level subscription. Reach out to your account executive today!

If contact mapping is enabled but not an account is not selected, how will Gilded treat the transaction?

Gilded will automatically revert back to the “uncategorized” income or expense account if a specific account is not selected.

If a vendor is sending me a refund, how will Gilded record that transaction?

Compass contact mapping allows you to select income, expense and equity type general ledger accounts for each contact (counterparty) you create. Therefore, if a refund is coming in from one of your vendors, Gilded will create a journal entry using the “income” account selected.

How does Gilded know the value of my transactions?

Gilded uses CryptoCompare to value the assets at the time of purchase in your base currency. This value is ultimately used when creating a journal entry as well as calculating gains and losses on your disposals.