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Gilded turns the chaos of spreadsheets and block explorer links into a crypto accounting process that actually works

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We’ve entered a new frontier but crypto transaction data is a minefield. Drowning in a sea of spreadsheets, CSVs, wallet addresses, and etherscan links? You’re not alone. Are you leaving your client’s money on the table simply because their crypto expenses lack the context to properly account for them?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Manual steps be damned. Gilded was built by CPAs who've walked this way before.

“A well-oiled machine”

Gilded provides a centralized dashboard for all relevant blockchain data, which is critical to helping our clients make actionable business decisions. We used to spend hours manually tracking blockchain transactions one-by-one. With Gilded, we were able to make crypto accounting an efficient and repeatable process. Now our blockchain back office solution functions like a well-oiled machine.

John Masotti
John Masotti
CM, CPA Managing Partner at Masotti & Masotti

Before using Gilded, my clients would send me links to their crypto transactions on block explorers and say "this is an expense." But in order to write something off, we need the proper data. Gilded provides that context for crypto transactions.

Adam Turco
Adam Turco
CPA, President of Primetrics

Gilded helps you avoid spreadsheet madness as you handle cryptocurrency-related tasks as an accountant

A single streamlined dashboard

See all wallets and crypto activity in one place

Spot pricing, cost basis, and gain-loss reporting

Automatically calculate exchange rates and historic pricing for each transaction

Accounting reports

Include crypto transactions in financial statements

Interface illustration

Transfer detection? Yes!

Gilded automatically detects transfers from wallets your client owns

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Simplify the reconciliation process

Gilded unifies crypto data collection and makes it easy to sync to the general ledger.

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Easy expense management

Gilded’s Bill Pay feature adds the correct context to outgoing crypto payments.

Here's how crypto accounting works with Gilded

Accounting begins with the payment

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