About Gilded

Founded in 2018 by a team of developers and CPAs, Gilded’s mission is to onboard the next million businesses to web3 by providing the accounting and financial reporting tools to succeed in this new economy. Gilded seamlessly integrates crypto into existing accounting platforms so that transactions, financial reports, and asset values are up-to-date and accurate. This streamlines the process of tracking and reporting all crypto activity within an organization and eliminates costly accounting mistakes.

Our Story

It all began at an Ethereum meetup in New Orleans...

A software engineer, a networking maven, a serial entrepreneur, and a CPA walk into a cafe. The year was 2017—the height of cryptocurrency mania. The New Orleans Ethereum Meetup, co-led by Ken Gaulter, had become the hottest place in town virtually overnight. Eighty people gathered in a coffee shop in a sleepy neighborhood just outside of the French Quarter to talk crypto. The markets were going wild and everybody was hoping to cash out.

By 2018, much of the hype had died down. Markets dipped and attendance at the meetup dwindled. The stalwart few who kept coming to the meetings got to know each other. They read whitepapers aloud and discussed real world applications of blockchain. They were missionists—true believers who weren’t concerned with the ebb and flow of the trading world. They saw the potential of the underlying technology and how it would transform not only the financial sector, but the world at large. That’s how Gil Hildebrand, Ken Gaulter, Raina Casbon-Kelts, and Joey Ryan met. United by a fervor, each left promising careers to pursue blockchain full-time. Gil recruited developer Eledi Dyrkaj to the cause—a talented collaborator on previous projects. Together, the five of them founded Gilded.

In 2019, Gilded was accepted into the Techstars accelerator in New York City. In November of 2019, Gilded launched a commercial payments and accounting system running on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Today, Gilded supports 30+ tokens, several blockchains, and seamlessly integrates with solutions like QuickBooks, Coinbase, Stripe, and Pipedrive.

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Our Team

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Gil HildebrandGil Hildebrand

Gil Hildebrand


Alyssa Rambeau, CPAAlyssa Rambeau, CPA

Alyssa Rambeau, CPA

Head of Accounting Strategy

Eledi DyrkajEledi Dyrkaj

Eledi Dyrkaj

Director of Engineering

Ken GaulterKen Gaulter

Ken Gaulter


Toby FarrisToby Farris

Toby Farris

Senior Software Engineer

Rod EndoRod Endo

Rod Endo

VP of Operations

Zach SokolskiZach Sokolski

Zach Sokolski

Director of Product

Ilir HushiIlir Hushi

Ilir Hushi

Full Stack Developer

Erlind BylykbashiErlind Bylykbashi

Erlind Bylykbashi

Full Stack Developer

Raina Casbon-KeltsRaina Casbon-Kelts

Raina Casbon-Kelts


Gilded is building the first generation of ERP software for the web3 economy. Join us.

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Our Investors

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