Financial Reporting


Grow your NFT brand with confidence.

Supported blockchains


Measure performance in real-time

Full visibility into marketplace sales and collector engagement to grow revenue.

Build trust with brand partners

Transparently manage royalties and revenue shares with collaborators. Foster confidence with auditable income statements.

Streamline operations

Executive dashboards, enhanced reporting, and multi-user access increase productivity so brands can focus on growing their communities.

Nifty’s is proud to be working with Gilded. We looked at multiple service providers that said they could “integrate the blockchain with our accounting system”, but Gilded was ahead of the curve. Their marketplace specific modules allowed us to deliver first-rate reporting to our brand partners, ensure our revenue shares were accurate, and most importantly, allowed us to analyze our transaction volume information to make real-time strategic decisions. The Gilded team is top-tier, professional, and responsive. Gilded is the best partner for any finance team involved in NFTs and the blockchain space.

Mariam Morris
Mariam Morris
CFO at Nifty's
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Personalized onboardng and support

Customized training from Gilded will get you up and running. Our in-house SMEs, CPA, and customer support team are available to ensure your success.

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Off-chain payments? No problem

Renconcile credit card payments to on-chain sales for consolidated financial reporting by asset and collection.

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Compliance made easy

Quickly generate auditable financial statements for platform users, internal accounting purposes, external stakeholders, and regulatory agencies.

Reporting designed for NFT Platforms

Get a real-time view of performance across your drops and collaborations

Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchains does NFTOPS support?

We support Ethereum, Polygon, Ronin, Palm, and BNB Chain. Contact us for details if you are looking for a different blockchain or L2.

What off-chain data sources does NFTOPS support?

With our universal import tool, you can import transactions via CSV from any source, including credit card processors like Stripe.

Can NFTOPS support custom workflows and smart contracts?

Yes, we can! Most NFTOPS customers have custom requirements. During the onboarding process, we will work with you to integrate your smart contracts and workflows.

What about taxes?

NFT tax support is launching soon.

I'm an artist/collector. Can you help me?

Yes, soon. We're developing revenue tracking and crypto finance tools for artists and collectors. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.