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Wallet sync

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Palm, Ronin

Exchange sync

Coinbase, Kraken

Real-time financial dashboard

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Reconcile, categorize, and tag transactions

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Crypto invoicing & bill pay

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Mass Pay

Tiered pricing starting at 0.5%

CSV import and export

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Cost basis & gain/loss reporting

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QuickBooks integration

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Onboarding & training

On-call CPA assistance

Ongoing support

Dedicated Slack channel, 12 hour response time



Advanced mapping of wallets and counterparties to your QuickBooks GL.

Mass Pay

Pay up to 300 recipients in a single Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction.


Rev share reporting for NFT platforms and collections.

Spot Pricing

Custom spot pricing for high volume payments.


Common pricing questions

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What does Gilded do?

Gilded helps organizations thrive in the decentralized economy by solving the operational challenges around payments and financial reporting. Our customers include accounting firms and market-leading projects such as CoinMarketCap, Blocknative, Exodus, and Nifty's, Yellowheart, and BFF. We also work with DAOs like Gitcoin and dOrg.

How does Gilded's pricing work?

Gilded plans are tailored to fit your transaction volume and add-on choices. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Do you offer hands-on training and support?

As part of our Enterprise plan, your team will receive a personalized onboarding session as well as priority support in a dedicated private Slack channel.

Does Gilded accept crypto for payment?

Yes. Gilded does accept crypto for payment ($BTC, $ETH & $USDC). Please contact your account executive for details.

I'd like to use Compass. Can you help me configure my QuickBooks mappings?

Yes, we have an in-house CPA team that can assist with this. Contact your Account Executive for more details.

Does Gilded pull historical data from my crypto transactions?

Yes, Gilded pulls historical transaction data from any wallets that you connect and offers industry-leading spot-pricing. Gilded uses Crypto Compare’s real-time aggregate index methodology (CCCAGG) to calculate the market price of cryptocurrency pairs traded across exchanges.

Can Gilded track my realized gains and losses for tax purposes?

Yes.  Gilded maintains a comprehensive record of each purchase by lot and uses the FIFO method to calculate the gain/loss upon disbursement.

Who is Gilded's typical user?

Typical Gilded users include accounting firms and finance teams of web3 brands. Gilded customers include organizations that interact with crypto assets, NFT brands and studios, and DAOs.

Is Gilded private and secure?

Gilded is a non-custodial solution. We never have access to your private keys or funds.


  • Data transfers are encrypted over a 256 bit TLS connection.
  • Sensitive information, including third party API keys, are encrypted at rest.
  • Gilded’s service provider has completed the ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 evaluation processes.
  • Gilded conducts regular internal security reviews and third party penetration tests to ensure a high standard of security.

Read our full Privacy and Security Policy.

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