Digital Asset Toolkit for Accountants 

Gilded makes it easy to collect, enrich, and sync digital asset transactions to QuickBooks Online.

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AICPA Digital Asset Accounting

Spreadsheet warriors, rejoice!

The days of manual reconciliation are over

Automatic Sync

Spend less time downloading and merging CSVs.

Spot Pricing and Cost Basis

Automatically calculate exchange rates for each transaction.

Accounting Reports

Include digital asset transactions in your P&L statements and other accounting reports.

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"Gilded allows us to take on more clients and work more efficiently..."

Gilded introduced a unified platform with multiple services that were useful for our outsourced CFO company. From transaction tracking to invoice creation to a native QuickBooks Integration, the self-serve SaaS platform was a perfect match for our company - allowing us to scale our operations and take on more clients.

Alexander Hoffmann, Axiom Finance

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Created for Accountants, by Accountants

Gilded is the only digital asset solution designed especially for CPAS

QuickBooks Sync

Map digital asset transaction types to your Chart of Accounts. Then, just click a button to sync your latest transactions to QuickBooks. Gilded automatically creates a journal entry for each transaction.

Easy Reconciliation

Gilded enriches the data with accurate historical exchange rates and automatic classifications. With Gilded you can quickly review, classify, and record notes on each transaction as needed. Gilded learns from you and rapidly improves its ability to automatically classify your transactions.

Stablecoin Payments

Get paid instantly and eliminate fees using digital currency backed by US dollars. Gilded is the leading stablecoin invoicing, payment, and accounting solution for businesses.

Expert Support

Get onboarding and accounting help from our in-house team, including an AICPA-certified blockchain expert.

Grow your practice with digital asset accounting

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Free Webinar: Blockchain for Accountants

What accountants need to know about digital assets, how to start accepting crypto clients, and more.

Join our CFO Joey Ryan, CPA, for a firsthand look at the exciting world of triple-entry accounting.
Q&A to follow.

Newbies and pros welcome!

Session 2 - August 18, 2 PM EDT

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gilded keep my information secure?

Gilded never takes custody of your digital assets. Gilded uses read-only access to discover wallets and exchange account transactions. All customer data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. All computer systems are subject to regularly scheduled security audits. Staff are trained to avoid phishing and social engineering attacks. Check out our full security policy.

What support do you provide?

We publish blockchain and crypto accounting guidance in our blog. We provide email support for both the Premium and Pro packages. Gilded also offers an onboarding consultation with our resident crypto CPA, Joey Ryan. Our help articles can be found here.

Are there any additional costs for the service based on transactions?

No extra costs. Gilded does not believe in charging based on your number of transactions.

Why is Gilded different from other crypto payment and tax software?

Gilded is focused on the accounting needs of businesses for bookkeeping, advisory and financial reporting. Many other crypto accounting services actually focus on tax reporting for individuals or institutional investors/traders. Gilded brings crypto CPA expertise to your current accounting processes.

Can you help me explain crypto accounting to my CEO/ executive team?

Sure, we have a business development team ready to help. Reach out to

Can I trust Gilded’s accounting expertise?

Yes, completely. Gilded has a CPA co-founder with 10 years of public accounting experience. We’ve also built a world class accounting advisory team led by Dr. Sean Stein Smith, the Accounting Chair of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.

Getting Started

Triple-Entry Accounting

Gilded uses blockchain to enable triple entry accounting, a new technology that improves the automation and audibility of accounting records.

Blockchain connects the double-entry bookkeeping systems of counterparties together using a shared ledger that can be used to verify the existence and validity of transaction data.

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